US Capitol, Washington, D.C.

Graduate Center, CUNY Professors Comment on the Storming of the U.S. Capitol

Professor Heath Brown

Were you at all surprised by yesterday’s events, or did you expect them?

Brown: I was unsurprised by the racism and authoritarianism of the Trump supporters who attacked the Capitol. The President has been encouraging this violence since he was elected in 2016, building on decades of rhetoric and actions to incite these crimes.

I was surprised by the apparent lack of preparation by Capitol Police and other federal authorities. Congress has recognized how precarious the 11 weeks are between the election and inauguration and…

Tony Blinken, incoming Secretary of State

God Bless This America

Yesterday during the Biden-Harris presentation of its national security team, Tony Blinken shared a moving and poignant memory of his step father who was the only one of 900 children at his school in Poland to survive the Holocaust. During the allied liberation, this child stood in front of a US tank and a Black GI appeared compelling him to say: “God Bless America!” I too can relate to this experience, having had a similar one to the Blinken story, although more recent. I was working in my office in Sarajevo after the 77-day bombing of…

Vijećnica, Sarajevo’s City Hall.

Biden Election Marks American Return to the Global Community

Since the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the United States, I have received congratulatory calls and messages from friends around the world. Stretching from the Balkans in Europe: Tirana, Albania, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Podgorica, Montenegro, Zagreb, Croatia, Belgrade, Serbia, to our Canadian neighbors in Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver and even from Kathmandu, Nepal and Aarhus, Denmark and a dear friend from Belgrade, via Baghdad.

The U.S. deeply matters to people around the world who are increasingly endangered as democracy is in decline globally: journalists, human rights defenders, academics, civil society groups advancing small “d” democratic change…

“Tour of Duty,” was a 25-state, 32-city tour, March-April, 1993, featuring gay, lesbian and bi-sexual veterans in an effort to repeal the full ban that prohibited gays and lesbians from serving in the military (1941=1993

Forty-Five years ago I began coming out to myself while serving as a 19-year-old “slick sleeved” Private in the U.S. Army at Ft. Devens, Massachusetts. I was excited to spend my first weekend off base in Boston with a small group of women from “G” Company, under the command of the Army Security Agency training center.

I would make a fateful first visit to a gay bar called the “Other Side” in Boston that would alter the beginning of my Army career and ultimately reshape my values and shift the priorities of how I would live my life.

In this…

New York, Nov. 24, 2018 — Our long nightmare — 728 days of sheer hell, anxiety and rage came to a slow rolling conclusion beginning on the evening of November 6 and nearly everyday since the election, as Democratic wins piled up daily. Finally, the worm turned on Donald Trump and the Republican party as the women of the Democratic party, fueled by their anger and outrage of the past two years, romped, if not ran roughshod over him and his enabling abetters of destruction, running up the biggest margin of victory in the U.S. …

During the Charlottesville white supremacist national rally that turned violent last weekend, someone raised a provocative question on Facebook: “were white people in American now fearing other white people?”

My reaction to that query was swift and resolute: I have always feared white people who have had limitless power — beginning with my own family and a father who was a literal tyrant with omnipotent power controlling everyone and everything within his household.

Powerful white people — i.e. white men throughout American history have administered horrible injustices based upon their petty prejudices, empowered through their privilege and access to wealth.

Donald Trump Should Disavow War Criminals that Endorse Him and Clarify His Views on the Yugoslav Wars and NATO Interventions

Last week, Donald Trump was perhaps falsely accused of ‘apologizing’ for NATO interventions that twice stopped the mass murder, which includes crimes of genocide, of more than 100,000 innocent civilians in the former Yugoslavia. The incident distracted from Mr. Trump’s long-held objection to the NATO bombing campaign and ended the Kosovo war that likely saved thousands of lives. Furthermore, it is impossible to ignore Mr. …

Tanya L. Domi

Balkanist, HumanRights,Prof @ColumbiaSIPA @HarrimanInst, Adj Lecturer Hunter College, Prez Advisory Board @PCRCBiH, Host & Editor of The Thought Project podcast

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