US Capitol, Washington, D.C.

Graduate Center, CUNY Professors Comment on the Storming of the U.S. Capitol

Professor Heath Brown

Were you at all surprised by yesterday’s events, or did you expect them?

Brown: I was unsurprised by the racism and authoritarianism of the Trump supporters who attacked the Capitol. The President has been encouraging this violence since he was elected in 2016, building on decades of rhetoric and actions to incite these crimes.

I was surprised by the apparent lack of preparation by Capitol Police and other federal authorities. Congress has recognized how precarious the 11 weeks are between the election and inauguration and…

Tanya L. Domi

Balkanist, HumanRights,Prof @ColumbiaSIPA @HarrimanInst, Adj Lecturer Hunter College, Prez Advisory Board @PCRCBiH, Host & Editor of The Thought Project podcast

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