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  • Melissa Checker

    Melissa Checker

    Associate Professor, PhD Programs in Anthropology, Environmental Psychology, CUNY Graduate Center; Department of Urban Studies, Queens College.

  • Mimi Abramovitz

    Mimi Abramovitz

    Mimi Abramovitz . Bertha Capen Reynolds Professor of Social Policy, Social Welfare Doctoral Program , CUNY Graduate Center and the Silberman School of Social W

  • Tracy Dennis-Tiwary

    Tracy Dennis-Tiwary

    Psychologist and researcher. Anxiety wrangler. Founder of Wise Therapeutics. Science is the new rock & roll. wisedtx.com; dennis-tiwary.com.

  • Candace McCoy

    Candace McCoy

    CANDACE McCOY is Professor of Criminal Justice at CUNY’s Graduate Center and John Jay College — criminal justice generalist: policing, courts, law, sentencing.

  • Ashley Dawson

    Ashley Dawson

    Ashley Dawson, Professor of Postcolonial Studies at the City University of New York, writes about environmental issues and climate justice.

  • Amy Siskind

    Amy Siskind

    Activist, author. The Weekly List website, podcast https://theweeklylist.org/ & book THE LIST. POLITICO 50. President @TheNewAgenda. More info AmySiskind.com



    Professor of History, Brooklyn College and Graduate Center-CUNY; author of books on US Civil War era, slavery, abolition; poverty, race, and welfare in New York

  • Ashley Dawson

    Ashley Dawson

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